IT & CCTV Systems

Complete Information Technology Services with Integrated Closed Circuit Television Security: Total Biztech, Inc., in Miami, Florida, manages your tech needs effectively, including closed circuit television monitoring. Full Information technology services are essential to stay ahead in the business world. When you need structured cabling solutions to improve network speed and stability, our consultants have the answers.
IT Services: In addition to addressing your phone system needs, Total Biztek, Inc., can provide network design and IT support services. Whether you have problems with desktop viruses, need up-to-date anti-virus software, or require a complete IT upgrade package, we are the experts that many businesses rely on. We also install and maintain firewalls, improve security software, and make recommendations to speed up your local area network (LAN). Speak with one of our IT consultants today.
Structured Cabling: We offer structured cabling services that include voice and data cable design and installation. Our experts can handle the most popular systems and create specialized solutions for your business, including: CAT5E | CAT6E | Data Cabinet Enclosures | Data Rack Installation | and Much More
CCTV: When you need a security system that includes closed circuit television (CCTV), we can select and install the right products for your company. We provide popular solutions like IT cameras, remote monitoring options from tablets or smartphones, and many other advanced possibilities.